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Chamber Options

Having a stove in a chamber is a nice traditional way of installing a stove, but there are lots of options for this type of installation, meaning you can really add your own personal style to the finished product.

Split Firewood_edited.jpg


Wood effect beams are really popular just now, and with good reason.  Most are not made of real wood, but a geocast material so that its safe to have them so close to the stove, but you really cant tell the difference. They look fantastic! There are lots of options from more rustic to more subtle ones, usually available in light or dark oak.

Split Firewood_edited.jpg

Limestone Mantel Surrounds

Limestone mantels are a good way to add that "classic" look to your installation, please ask us for more info and options

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Steel Profile Trim Surrounds are a really simple way of finishing of the chamber edge. They create a really clean look to the installation and are available in a range of different profiles and colours. A timber floating Shelf can also be a great accompaniment to them. 

Chamber options

Take a look below at how you would like to finish the interior of the fire chamber the stove sits in

Split Firewood_edited.jpg

Lime Render is our most widely used interior finish.  It gives a slightly textured neutral finish. keeping the main focus on the stove. It can be painted, although most customers keep it natural as its a nice neutral colour.

Image Placeholder.jpg
Split Firewood_edited.jpg

A simple fireboard clad chamber, gives a smooth finish once it is painted in your chosen colour. Again keeping the focus on the stove.

tiles 1.jpg

Split face mosaic tiles add a different dynamic to you finished installation, and can really add that wow factor. They come in a range of colours and effects, and can either be used in the whole chamber, or just the back wall. With the sides then being rendered or smooth fireboard.


Tiles can really make your fireplace stand out. There are lots of different suitable tiles available and again you can either go for the entire chamber tiled or just the back wall. 

Ask us for suitable options.


Stone cladding can give you that stone built traditional fireplace look. Available in different colours and sizes. You can have it either just on the back wall or on the entire chamber or even on the whole chimney breast!

Brick Effect Slips

Brick effect slips can be used to give a really retro or rustic vibe with your fire chamber. They really go well with either a traditional sytle stove, or a more modern contemporary stove to make it relly "pop".


Original fireplace opening.

if you have an older stone build property and we uncover the original fireplace in a good condition, there is an option for us to restore it and use that as the finished chamber. We can discuss this option with you but it depends on the condition and constraints of the original fireplace opening. 

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