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Your hearth is one of your most important features in your fireplace. Different materials can give different effects.

We cut and polish most of our hearths on site, so we can give you a range of options from square edges, rounded fronts or corners to bevelled and rustic edges. 

Take a look below at are most commonly used materials.

caithness slate.jpg

Caithness slate is our most used material for hearths. Available in Riven, antique and polished, its very versatile and hardwearing.


Brazilian Riven Slate is another popular material we use. It gives a slightly smoother top to the riven Caithness slate.

brazilian slate.jpg

Flame textured basalt gives a slightly different effect. It has a slightly lighter green/blue finish, so is perfect if your trying to get away from anything too dark. its also extremely hard wearing.

20171108_124648468_iOS (2).jpg

Glass Hearths work really well on free standing stoves, where you want to show off the floor beneath the stove. They also keep the installation looking light and not too bulky. They are available in a range of sizes and finishes. 

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