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Inset Stoves

Inset stoves can add a really modern twist to a room. They also are a great way of saving space in a tight room, or if you have an existing fireplace that is difficult for us to open out.

They range from the more modern type of large glass fronted stoves, to the more traditional style stoves that have inset options in their range. 

Some are suitable to be installed in an existing masonry built fireplace, or some need to be built in a purpose built convection enclosure. 

There are lots of different versions and sizes available, such as double sided or triple aspect stoves. These can make a pretty spectacular feature. 

IMG_1409 (2).jpg

A popular way of installing these more modern style inset stoves is with a smooth high temperature plaster finish.

This can be painted afterward, or left in its natural "polished" finish. 

inset stone.jpg

Inset stoves can be installed in a stone or tiled surround which gives a slightly more traditional feel, especially with the addition on a limestone mantel surround. 

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